Firefighter Saves Dog Trapped In Icy Filtration Pond By Lifting Him Over A 10-Foot Wall

When you are a dog trapped in a precarious situation, it isn’t always easy to trust those around you.

Sometimes it just takes a little bit of bribery and a lot of love to ensure that you are in a safe position.

Photo: Facebook/Muskegon Heights Fire Dept

This was seen wonderfully on March 7, when Pound Buddies received several phone calls about a dog trapped at a water filtration pond. They were concerned about the health of the dog and wanted someone to rescue it.

As shared by the Muskegon Heights Fire Department in a Facebook post, the 60-pound husky was stuck in an area where the pond was frozen over, but there was water coming up over the top of the ice. Nobody was sure how long the dog could survive in such a situation.

Photo: Facebook/Muskegon Heights Fire Dept

Pound Buddies wanted to help, but they realized it was out of their hands. That is when they got in touch with the Muskegon Heights Fire Department, and they arrived within minutes.

Lieut. John Kriger worked with the dog using a treat to gain his trust. He would hold his hand out and call the dog for a few minutes, but it was slow going.

It also didn’t help that the other firemen were joking in the background.

Photo: Facebook/Muskegon Heights Fire Dept

It took some time for the dog to come over and accept a treat. The lieutenant started to scratch him and eventually got his collar.

It was then that Lieut. Kriger picked up the dog, who wasn’t exactly cooperating, and climbed back up the ladder and over the wall again.

Fortunately, the dog was not hurt in the incident, even though he had fallen some 10 feet to the pond below.

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