Fetch-Loving Dog Won’t Run Until Owner Says “Go,” No Matter How Many Tricky Words Are Thrown At Him

Finn is a little dog whose personality, at least from what we can see on his social media pages, revolves around a love for the game of fetch and an obedience to the rules of the game that surpasses what most dogs would be capable of.

Photo: Facebook/Rocky Kanaka

Despite his eagerness to get moving, Finn always waits until his owner says “go” before racing away down his well-worn path after the object of his affections. Not only does he have enough self-control to wait until the word “go” is uttered, he will even wait to make sure the word he heard was actually the right cue before running off, refusing to settle for a lesser command.

Photo: Facebook/Rocky Kanaka

Viewers on social media have gotten a kick out of Finn’s extraordinary behavior, and many of them have taken to offering suggestions to the dog’s owner for words that he might be able to use to trick his dog into running off because they sound so much like his actual cue word.

Photo: Facebook/Rocky Kanaka

Finn’s owner has tried a wide variety of these tricky words, including “oh,” the “g” sound, “good boy,” “goal,” “goat,” “ghost,” and a whole lot more. Sometimes Finn can be fooled into taking a step or two when a word sounds a whole lot like “go,” but he always stops again as soon as he realizes what has happened. Not once in any of these videos does he ever seem to say, “that’s close enough” and take off without his true cue word.

Photo: Facebook/Rocky Kanaka

We’ve got to admire this dog’s control and dedication, not to mention his amazing sense of hearing. There are at least a couple of words that I would have just interpreted as “go,” but Finn never falls for any of them. He also never seems to get fed up with the trickery, opting instead to simply wait patiently for the word he knows must eventually come.

See more of Finn’s adorable antics in the video below. What words would you use to try to trick this pooch?

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