Finland Gifts New Mothers A “Baby Box” To Help Promote Safe Sleep

The Finnish government has been providing a maternity package, which they refer to as an Äitiyspakkaus, to expectant mothers. This isn’t something new, they have been doing it since 1938 and there is a specific purpose behind it.

According to, the maternity package was provided to help mothers deal with the high child mortality rate in Finland. Finnish women were also becoming less fertile, which led to the gift being provided.

Photo: YouTube/Kelakanava

A medical exam was necessary for expectant mothers at a maternity clinic. In order to get new mothers to come into the clinic and to get on the road to proper prenatal care, the Finnish government started handing out these boxes.

Originally, there were sewing patterns and white fabric in the baby box. This allowed the mothers to sew clothing for the new baby. In 1942, a cardboard box was introduced that could also double as a bed for their new baby.

Discovering Finland shared a picture of the baby box in 2017 on Facebook. It was the 80th year that this box was being offered.

All in all, 38 different products are being offered in the newest box available to mothers. It includes a variety of baby supplies, including blankets, towels, hats, socks, and bed linens. The baby will also receive bodysuits and pants, as well as some warm clothing and blankets.

The new mother will also receive a number of items to help with recovery after the birth, and a mattress for the baby is included.

An American who moved to Finland uploaded a video of her baby box to TikTok.

@keloo.kielo This year’s baby box (or äitiyspakkaus). Feel lucky to live here 🤍 #newbornhaul #finland🇫🇮 #babybox #momsoftiktok #nordicwellness ♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

All a new mother has to do to receive the package is to file a claim two months before the due date. These boxes are also available for adoptive families and multiple births.

It isn’t just new babies that are cared for in Finland, the parents will also receive financial support on a monthly basis until their child is 17. A lot of countries could take note!

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