Can You Find The Cat Hiding In These Bushes?

Cats are known to be elusive. They’re sneaky predators, after all, and can be quiet, sly and quick.

Because of that, they’re often great at hiding or blending into their surroundings. One time, my friend lost her cat. After searching the entire apartment, we started looking outside, thinking she must’ve slipped out the door. After a full day of searching, we discovered the cat was right under our noses all along! She was hiding in a small drawer in the closet. Typical cat.

Photo: Pexels/Em on Earth

There’s another cat that’s going viral now for her ability to hide in plain sight. A photo of the feline was shared on Reddit by u/I-just-wanna-talk- with the caption: “Find the cat!”

Check out the photo below:

Find the cat!
by u/I-just-wanna-talk- in FindTheSniper

At first glance, it can be hard to spot the feline. If you can’t see her at first, don’t give up! Keep looking. People in the comments had trouble finding it at first, but many eventually spotted the sneaky fellow.

If you want a hint, keep reading, but spoilers are ahead!

To find the feline, look toward the center of the photo behind the fence. If you look closely, you can see the cat’s face peeking out from near the tree.

You can see her circled in the photo below:

Photo: Reddit/u/I-just-wanna-talk-
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