Horse Owner Baffled When She Finds Filly Stuck In Hay Feeder And Calls For Help

Have you ever found your horse in a predicament and wondered how they got there?

Horses are curious by nature and even though they are intelligent animals they sometimes get themselves into trouble.

While some horses (I can name a few) go looking for trouble, others just stumble across or into it – as in Pixie’s case.

A young filly named Pixie found herself trapped in a metal hay feeder at her home in Florida and how she ended up in there is a mystery.

Her owner was shocked and worried when she found her horse in the middle of the metal hay feeder. Pixie was calmly standing there looking at her mom as if to say, “need a little help here.”

She didn’t appear hurt and since her mom had no idea how to safely get her out, she called for help.

Walton County Fire Rescue thankfully knew just what to do.

“This beautiful filly got herself in quite a bind yesterday,” wrote the fire department. “Pixie got stuck in a hay feeder, leaving her owner stumped on how to get her out. The owner called the vet to get some advice, and the vet knew exactly who to call. Walton County Fire Rescue Lieutenant Robin Grandstaff is a horse owner herself and was happy to help.”

Rescuers arrived with the proper tools, extrication cutters, to cut through the metal hay feeder and free the young horse.

“Fortunately, Pixie wasn’t hurt. It may not be what we usually use our cutters for, but we’re always happy to help in any way we can,” Walton County Fire Rescue posted.

Community members thanked the fire department for responding and were relieved to hear Pixie was unharmed. Others offered the idea that she was “horsing around” and that is how she ended up in the hay feeder. While we may never know what really happened, we all can guess.

We are glad Pixie is alright and hope you never have to experience anything like this. As if you needed something else to worry about, right?!

A man who clearly understands horses commented, “Need to engineer something to be 100% safe? Leave it in a horse paddock for a day…….”

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