Fiance Surprises the Love of His Life with Two Rings in a Very Romantic Proposal

Everybody longs for forever when it comes to love and romantic relationships.

And it’s especially yearned for in this modern time when, in the United States of America alone, 50% of marriages end in separation or divorce.

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Moreover, according to Wilkinson and Finkbeiner, 60% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages likewise end in divorce.

These realities could scare people from taking risks. Others close their eyes as they take the plunge, hoping their union will not become a part of the divorce statistics.

This is why the excitement over this marriage proposal was especially heightened; it made the hearts of many people beat fast.

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The man presented the love of his life with two rings!

He bought two rings since he couldn’t decide which was the best to give to the woman with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. He was even thinking of buying three rings, but the woman’s friends advised him that two were more than enough.

The timing and location of the proposal were just as romantic, set on a clifftop with a panoramic view of the ocean at sunset. Then, just watching the reaction of his fiancee would make you smile and hope that these two young people will really have their forever.

Tiktok commenters were overwhelmed with happiness and excitement, too!

Photo: Tiktok/maddie.little22

Rebecca Duffy wrote, “HE GOT TWO FOR YOU TO CHOOSE FROM???? Girl you’ve got a keeper.”

Likewise, savannah 🥀🌙👒 commented, “this is so cute bc I feel like with all the proposals I see it’s just happy crying, but I love the pure excitement in this reaction.”

Applepi says, “this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone get TWO rings AND not bawling their eyes out – your happy dance is so cute and funny.”

And an enthusiastic remark from hi: “I’ve NEVER seen a man get TWO rings, girl he LOVESS youu I hope you both have the happiest marriage full of love and laughter 🥰🥰”

BinChicken also wrote, “My gosh, how considerate. ‘Too many ideas, too much potential.’ If you didn’t say yes, I would have 😂 he’s a keeper for sure.”

Enjoy watching this romantic video that promises “forever”!


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