A Teenager Wasn’t Allowed To Enter Prom Because Of Clothing Choices

An Instagram post of a teenager has gone viral on the Facepalm subreddit.

With over 120k upvotes and more than 8k comments, the post is successful in making everyone do a facepalm because of how ridiculous it is.

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“They wouldn’t let me in because I’m in a suit.”

The picture in the post shows a teenager holding a piece of cardboard with the words above.

What’s wrong with the suit? Nothing.

But the Christian school the teenager attended apparently thinks that wearing a suit when you’re a female is enough to ban a person from attending their senior prom. A usually momentous moment for any teenager ended in disappointment just because of a clothing choice.

“I’ve been attending Nashville Christian School for 13 years. My senior prom was today, and I wasn’t allowed in the doors because I was wearing a suit. I should not have to conform to femininity to attend my senior prom.”

Nashville, Tennessee Christian School refused to allow a female student to enter prom because she was wearing a suit.
by u/abbiebe89 in facepalm

B Hayes, during their prom. Some are discussing Christianity and its infamous ways of treating women; some are sharing their own Christian school experiences, and then there are others who responded with humor and mockery against the teenager’s school.

I’ve been familiar with religious schools since I was a child, so I know the struggles in dealing with their strict (frankly sometimes unreasonable) rules. The uniform should always be a blindingly white blouse paired with a neatly, immaculately ironed long skirt, and white frilly socks with shiny black shoes. Said schools were also beside a church, so attending service once a week during a schoolday was normal and was, in fact, part of our schedule. I was also a part of the choir, so religious activities have been a huge part of my childhood.

Did any of that stick with me? No. All I remember was how uncomfortable it was. Sadly, I wasn’t as brave as B Hayes. I was never comfortable wearing dresses when I was a kid, and when we had our dances and proms, I had to wear a dress.

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I mean, it’s all just clothes, right? The only important thing here is to wear whatever is comfortable for you. You do you.

B Hayes said, “I will not compromise who I am to fit in a box. Who are you to tell us what it means to be a woman?”

Hands up if you’re tired of hearing how women should wear this and that, act like a lady, or you should smile more! ✋✋✋

Lastly, I’ll leave you with one of the top comments under the post.

“There’s no hate like Christian love.”

The original Instagram post can be seen below.

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