Netizens Share Experiences That Felt Like Cults Even Though They Weren’t

The internet is now filled with various opinions about certain things. People really took advantage of the freedom social media has given them. For this reason, it is easy to find people with similar beliefs or interests as yours. There are also online groups you can join — where you can discuss a particular thing related to your life. Group members will make you feel heard and validated. You’ll find yourself happily engaging with strangers in the comment section.

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However, there is a downside to being too invested in an interest. It might not be easily noticed, but some things turn into something like a cult. When does it get to be too much? Through the internet, anything received well by the majority can be overly glorified. And if someone does things differently or their opinions do not align, they will be excluded.

A cult is anything that people religiously do, and it doesn’t have to be in a spiritual sense — anything given so much devotion can inadvertently become similar to a cult. A Reddit user has brought this topic to light. Interestingly, 29.4k users shared things that, for them, are already a “cult.” Who would’ve thought thousands of cults were already built, and many people aren’t aware of it yet?

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MichaelScottsmug has opened a very intriguing topic and received a bunch of surprising answers. What isn’t a cult but feels like a cult? Here are some of the responses from the Reddit thread.

Facebook Groups for Dog Owners

Pet parents have different parenting styles. If you are a first-time dog owner, the internet is your learning resource, specifically Facebook groups. However helpful, LittleWolfPuppy did not have a great experience with it. The Reddit user commented, “Some dog owners groups on Facebook are very culty-like. Got banned from one group for not crate training my pup. I like her sleeping in my bed as it helps with my anxiety.”

2.3k users upvoted the comment and also shared their experiences. Members tend to push their methods on others as if it’s the only right thing to do. DogIsBetterThanCat even pointed out, “Agreed! And the owners who judge you on the food you feed them. If you don’t feed your dog the same food they feed theirs, then you’re a bad owner who is killing your dog.”

Mommy Groups

It will certainly feel like a cult if a mother is questioned for having her own parenting style. According to dollyprincessb, “Mommy groups. And even specific groups. Like a cult within a cult. Joined a cloth diapering group. I was excommunicated for using Pampers at night. Breastfeeding? If you aren’t nursing till 4? Bye!”

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Why is there a need to alienate someone who does things their way? It shouldn’t be questioned if it’s what works for their lifestyle and doesn’t harm anyone. The answer has amazingly earned 31.7k upvotes. Many mothers find those groups toxic rather than a safe space.

Obsession with Child Actors

Praising a child actor for his/her talents is one thing but obsessing over them is an alarming matter. RingoStarAllies commented, “Adults who are obsessed with child actors,” has garnered 15.2k upvotes. It is disturbing when people older than those child actors express their devotion on an extreme level. Minors shouldn’t be a part of an adult’s fantasy. They might be working in an industry where most are adults, but they should be kept safe from any type of obsession.

Stan Culture

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Most fans have always placed public figures and celebrities on a pedestal. Again, there is a vast difference between acknowledging their talents and obsessing over them. LeafyLemons opened this discussion with the comment, “Stan culture. The weird obsession over celebs is alarming.” It can be weird sometimes, especially when fans become so devoted to knowing everything about the celebrity. With the alarming issue, LeafyLemons’ comment earned 8.4k upvotes and hundreds of replies. Many people find “stanning” a toxic concept of adoration.

Apple Products

The technology company has undoubtedly given the world incredible, highly beneficial gadgets. Apple can easily tempt you to switch to all their products — that’s when it feels like a cult. Reddit user dylan2451 funnily shared, “As someone who owns an iPhone, AirPods, apple watch, airtags, power beat pros, and many apple accessories, Apple.” Once you’re in the system, you cannot easily find a way out.

You can read different sentiments about Apple looking like a cult on the reply thread. The comment became a hot and engaging topic, receiving 17.5k upvotes and over 800 replies. PMMeUrHopesNDreams pointed out why it feels like a cult with the comment, “Just like cults try to isolate you from anyone who isn’t in the cult, Apple does go out of its way to make it hard to interact with any non-Apple technology.”

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Through the internet, it’s easy for a person to be lured into something like a cult. For this reason, people should be extra careful about what they consume online. Self-awareness is vital — have a moment of reflection to see if you are being too much. Do not quickly judge someone on the internet if their opinion doesn’t align with yours. Reassess yourself by reading through the Reddit thread and answer the question, are you already part of something like a cult?

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