FedEx Worker Stops Mid-Route To Rescue Abused Pitbull Puppy

If you know anything about FedEx workers, you realize that they are busy individuals. They have a strict timetable to keep and they don’t often have time to look around and smell the roses.

As you can imagine, however, those FedEx workers see more than what most of us could ever realize. They are up close and personal with individuals from around the community, and at times they see something that needs some attention.

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It seems as if Sabrina Bryant discovered something while she was doing her FedEx route and she couldn’t let it go. It was a pitbull puppy that was scarred to the point where she knew that the dog had been abused.

Although this puppy may not have had a lot of love in her life at first, it seems as if she now has a lot of it because Sabrina has replaced those scars with kisses, as you can see the Facebook photos below:

The marks she received before I got her VSThe marks she receives now 🥺❤️

Posted by Sabrina Bryant on Monday, July 25, 2022

It happened in Burlington, North Carolina when Sabrina was delivering packages for FedEx. The pitbull puppy was running loose in the area and she knew the pup needed some help.

According to Newsweek, Bryant said: “I found her on the street and every house I stopped at told me to take her home.” The neighbors said that the area was not good because there was a dog fighting ring nearby.

Working on the farm is exhausting 😅❤️

Posted by Sabrina Bryant on Sunday, August 21, 2022

After bringing the pup home, Bryant named her Chevelle. She doesn’t know what Chevelle had to go through in the early months of her life, but she did know that she was missing fur on her neck, had a chipped tooth, and was repeatedly hit. Even after eight months, the fur is not growing back on her neck.

Chevelle gets nervous if somebody is nearby holding something in their hands and if they try to pet her. She is skittish around people but she does love dogs and cats. She is slowly starting to warm up to life around humans now that she has some love in her life.

You can keep up with Chevelle and her family on Facebook, here!

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