People Aren’t Happy About The FDA’s Ruling In Favor Of Allowing Dogs At Restaurants

Dogs have an incredible ability to become cherished members of our families. They provide unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship that is akin to the bond we share with our human loved ones.

Dogs quickly integrate themselves into our daily routines, becoming a constant presence in our lives. As such, we often want to include them in all our day-to-day activites.

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Among the things many dog owners like to do with their pets is taking them out to eat. After all, it’s a bummer to have to leave them behind.

While that was previously challenging to do since many restaurants don’t allow dogs in dining areas, the Food and Drug Administration recently ruled in favor of allowing pet dogs to be in outdoor dining areas alongside their owners.

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While that may seem like a huge win for pet parents, it’s not all said and done yet. According to the Santa Monica Daily Press, around half of states already allow dogs to dine outdoors, but individual diners and restaurants are pushing back against it.

Beyond being more difficult for staff to navigate, having dogs in dining areas could upset pet-free guests.

According to NBC Connecticut, restuarnat-goer Tracy Chiu Parisi explained, “I’d like to be able to enjoy my meal without having to worry about fleas, pet hair, barking and entitled dogs and their owners.”

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Some people would be happy to see restuarnats allowing dogs, but only in designated areas. According to the Associated Press, seasoned restaurant server Julie Denzin has witnessed the negatives of allowing dogs in human dining areas, citing dogs fighting, drooling, pooping, and even tripping staff.

However, she doesn’t believe dogs should be totally banned from restaurants. Instead, she’d like to see more places offering dog-friendly areas or even dog-friendly hours. It’s something that would allow pet parents to be included, while offering pet-free spaces to those who don’t want to dine around animals.

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