A Young Boy’s Reaction to His Father’s Return from Military Duty is Priceless

A video of a nine-year-old boy’s reaction to his father’s homecoming was posted on Reddit, most likely out of hope to brighten the day of those who would come across it. However, for some people, the scene broke their hearts.

Of course, a show of such love between father and son is inspiring. At the same time, it reminded many Reddit users of the anguish that young kids suffer when their parents on military duty get assigned to distant places, so far away from their families.

Photo: Reddit Video/u/daas_hu_gurudev_ka

It was a heartwarming surprise from a loving father, an Army staff sergeant who just returned from duty abroad for almost a year.

Here are the various comments — a mix of joy, nostalgia, wishes, and a few questions from the heart.

“The way he said ‘Daddy?!!’ was so sweet,” remarked one Reddit user.

“Dad defenses it well with Love. Boy couldn’t counter so he melted ❤️❤️❤️” wrote a commenter.

Photo: Reddit Video/u/daas_hu_gurudev_ka

“This hit me deep. My son is almost 5 and completely non-verbal, as he’s on the autism spectrum. My birthday is next week, and people have asked me every year what I wished for, and I always say that it’s a secret, of course, so it comes true. The wish is the same every year: I wish to hear his voice. To hear him say daddy. To have a conversation with him.
I love him regardless but I’d give anything. Anything. So watching this boy hear his dads voice and know immediately, and hearing him say ‘daddy?’ Someone is cutting onions in here and I’m totally okay with it,” remarked a father.

“This is so heartwarming, this Dad is lovely and that kid is a genius to recognize his dad’s voice after a long time in such awkward situation, this really made me smile,” wrote another user.

But this Reddit user definitely has something serious to say: “I hope everyone who finds this sweet and heartwarming also plans to vote for people who want to support our vets instead of turning their backs when they are riddled with cancer and no longer of use to our government.”

Photo: Reddit Video/u/daas_hu_gurudev_ka

“All of these “parents returning from war” videos just goes to show that they are needed much more at home, and that goes for both sides of the conflict. I’m a veteran btw,” concurred another.

Another father expressed his feelings: “As a dad who’s lucky enough to be home every night with his 5y.o. son…JFC this hit hard.”

While this Reddit user has to state one particularly sad reality: “I wish I never had to see one of these videos again. I mean, I love them, they make me cry, but then the reality sets in, and I remember these kids have lost too much.”

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