Man Climbs 45-Foot Tree To Rescue 25-Pound Cat Trapped For 5 Days

Most people spend their free time relaxing, but one Ohio man climbs trees to rescue trapped cats.

Cats are great climbers but coming down is a whole different story. Some cats become stuck when they climb a tree to escape a predator while others are in pursuit of prey.

A 25-pound cat named “Fat Cat” was stuck in a 45-foot tree for 5 days and 4 nights. His family tried everything to get him down on their own, including a ladder and extension pole with a net. When their efforts didn’t work, they reached out to Duane Hook for help.

@getmeowttahere Just showed up in #arcanumohio to rescue “FatCat”. He’s been up here 4 nights. He is a 25lb CHONK! #getmeowtahere #thecatsinthebag #treeclimbing #FlexEveryAngle #treetopcatrescue #catinatreerescue #catsoftiktok #meow #canopycatrescue #treecatrescue ♬ S.I.M.P (Squirrels In My Pants) [From ‘Phineas And Ferb’] – Geek Music

Duane is not afraid of heights and enjoys climbing trees, so in 2010 he started to use his climbing skills to help cats stuck in trees. He has helped hundreds of cats and his service is free of charge.

He happily accepted the challenge of rescuing Fat Cat, which is the largest cat he has rescued to date.

He posted the rescue video on TikTok and millions have viewed it.

The cat hero is patient and compassionate. Once he reached the branch where the cat was perched, he slowly made his way toward the feline and offered a tasty treat to lure him closer to the trunk of the tree.

He even told the cat, “I won’t make fun of your weight – I’m a little chubby too.” Viewers loved this.

Screenshot: TikTok/getmeowttahere

The big fella was then bagged by Duane, which he was not happy about, and they made their way down the tree avoiding all the vines.

Fat Cat was reunited with his family, and it was another successful adventure for Duane.

Viewers praised him for his commentary and good deed.

One person wrote, “I watch these and I’m both terrified and enthralled 😳😳 thank you for rescuing these crazy cats.”

Another said, “You’ve found your purpose in these rescues, haven’t you? It’s such a wonderful service to the cats and their humans.”

Duane states that he has never had a cat fall from a tree, but a few have jumped out on their own. While he is in Ohio, he shared that there is a national directory of climbers ready to rescue cats at

Check out the video below.

@getmeowttahere “Fat Cat”, a 25lb hunk of a kitty had been stranded in this vine tangled woods walnut for 4 nights. shayla and her family had tried everything -40’ ladder, even extension pole with a net (clever) to get him down before they found my number. Kudos to Danny and Shayla for their ingenuity by figuring out how to send up a drink of water to the big fella. Here is a clip of this Texas sized rescue.#getmeowtahere #thecatsinthebag #treetopcatrescue #catinatreerescue #catsoftiktok #fatcat #treeclimbing #meow #canopycatrescue #cattok #ropeaccess #texassized #whopper #heavyweight #cats ♬ original sound – getmeowtahere

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