Watch How a Farmer Stopped a Wildfire from Spreading Through a Field Towards a Neighborhood

Due to climate change, the UK has been experiencing extreme heat and dry weather since the beginning of summer. Based on reports, the hot climate peaked at 40 degrees Celsius. Green spaces and gardens ultimately went dry, which led to a series of wildfire occurrences. The National Fire Chiefs Council provided an estimate of 500 wildfires in 2022 — which are only from England and Wales.

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Wildfires have even reached the countryside. Fields of crops are severely affected since fire can easily spread through the area. In a particular field in Kent, an occurrence of wildfire was reported. The wildfire could’ve gravely burned down the houses nearby — if it wasn’t for the quick thinking of a farmer. According to the news, the flames had already destroyed 20 acres of land in Lenham Heath, between Maidstone and Ashford in Kent. Thankfully, no citizens were harmed during the wildfire. Even the hero of the moment wasn’t injured nor got burned.

Photo: MetroUK

Bill Alexander’s swift action saved a lot of people and their houses. He was able to stop the fire with the help of his tractor. The scene was caught on camera — Bill drove the tractor as he ploughed the area that wasn’t yet set on fire. Bill desperately tried to reduce crops that could spread the fire. The owner of the farm, Andy Barr, tweeted praises for the farmer, who was also his neighbor. He even tagged Bill in the caption, “Bill Alexander @WHAlexander1 performing heroics in my field this afternoon — you made the national news, Bill! #goodneighbor.”

Andy was immensely grateful for Bill’s heroic deed. He received replies on his tweet that were full of admiration and praises for Bill. One Twitter user commented, “We watched this on the news with our jaws on the floor. What outstanding bravery. Well done, Bill!” The fire could’ve done much worse, but Bill was faster than the flames. He deserves to be recognized, and just like one Twitter user commented, Bill should be given a medal.

The Kent Fire and Rescue Service also came into action. They were able to extinguish the wildfire at 4:50pm that same day — the fire started to spread at 3:15pm. “The fire has been brought under control and put out. Firefighters escorted persons who were in the vicinity to safety. There are no reports of any injuries,” the fire rescue service reported. People are now being warned about future wildfires and are advised to be extra careful during this season.

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