Farmer Surprised To Find Newborn Camel Laying In The Pasture

Being a farmer is a lot of thankless work. The days are long and the work is never-ending, but it can be a rewarding job or hobby to pursue.

You never know what might happen on the farm, and sometimes, you might just end up surprised!

Photo: TikTok/@yasminbrisbane

Yasmin (who goes by @yasminbrisbane on TikTok) is a camel farmer in Brisbane, Australia.

One day, she walked out to the pasture and was surprised to find a newborn camel laying in the grass!

Photo: TikTok/@yasminbrisbane

“Hello little one!” she says in the video. The calf replies with a hearty, “BLEEAHHH!”

In the video, Yasmin explained that the little calf was a total surprise! She said, “Molly surprised us all with this little miracle. We had no idea she was so close to giving birth.”

Photo: TikTok/@yasminbrisbane

Yasmin made sure to asses the premature calf and even helped it out by removing some dried-up placenta that was wrapped around its neck.

Yasmin captured the video, “I cherish these moments with newborns. They all have my [heart].”

Check out the video below:

@yasminbrisbane I cherish these moments with newborns. They all have my ❤️ #cameltok #newborn #babyanimals #australia #farmlife #surprisebaby #babycamel ♬ Metamorphosis – Danilo Stankovic

What an incredible surprise!

You can see more of Yasmin and her camels on TikTok or Instagram.

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