Farm Cat Loves Hitching Rides On His Horse Friend

Friendship between different species is not uncommon in the animal kingdom. While it may seem unlikely, animals can form close bonds with those outside their own species.

Just take Tony Stark the cat and Thor the horse, for example. They’re so different, and yet, they’re the best of friends!

Photo: TikTok/@tonystar_thoradventures

The relationship between a horse and a cat can be quite unique and surprising. While they are vastly different in size and temperament, these two animals can form a strong bond through their shared environment and interactions with their human caretakers.

A cat may find comfort and warmth in a horse’s stable, and the horse may enjoy the company of a feline friend who can help keep rodents and pests away. There have been multiple stories of cats and horses forming relationships, including cats who ride horses or rescue animals who become unlikely friends.

Photo: TikTok/@tonystar_thoradventures

Despite their differences, the horse and cat can coexist peacefully and even develop a lasting friendship that demonstrates the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom.

Tony Stark’s human mama recently took to TikTok to share about their unique relationship, including showing how Tony loves to ride on Thor’s back and the horse doesn’t seem to mind at all!

Check out the adorable video below:

@tonystark_thoradventures Hi! I’m Tony Stark, the cat, and this is my buddy, Thor. He’s a horse! Join us on our adventures! #catsoftiktok #horsesoftiktok #cats #horses #goodvibes #smile #thegoodlife ♬ original sound – tony and thor

In a follow-up video, you can see Tony the farm cat sitting on a fence pole when Thor walks up.

It seems as if the horse is inviting Tony to go for a ride and the cat obliges! He hops right on and off the two friends go.

Photo: TikTok/@tonystar_thoradventures

It’s so cute!

Check out the video below:

@tonystark_thoradventures Tony Stark hops on Thor’s back #thor #tonystark #catsoftiktok #horsesoftiktok #cat #cats #horse #horses #goodvibes #smile #happy #countrylife #countryliving #backroads #smalltown #smalltownlife #acreage #rurallife #rural ♬ original sound – tony and thor

You can see more of Tony and Thor on TikTok, @tonystark_thoradventures.

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