Rich Aussie Family Seeks “Pet Nanny” For Their Cat

Have you ever dreamed of staying home with a cat all day and giving them endless attention and care? It’s something many cat lovers dream of, but most people have work and responsibilities that make the dream nearly impossible.

However, a wealthy family in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Australia might be able to make that dream a reality for one lucky person.

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As it turns out, they’re hiring a “pet nanny” for their cat.

The job, which was advertised on Seek, describes the position as a “once in a lifetime opportunity to look after 1 pet full time and only focus on the care and love of one cat.”

Per the listing, the family is seeking someone who can stay as a live-in full-time nanny to “stay home to look after the most beloved, gorgeous cat in Australia.”

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“You will be provided your own room and all facilities within a wonderful and beautiful house. This position would suit a single person only that does not have their own pet given it is a live-in position. The ideal candidate would be someone interested in staying long-term and looking for a stable role, so please only serious candidates apply. All ages considered if you have the experience required,” the description reads.

Of course, they’re only interested in candidates that have prior experience with cats.

So, if all this sounds great to you, you might be wondering what exactly the position entails.

Photo: Pexels/cottonbro studio

The duties and responsibilities are listed as follows:

– Full-time care of 1 young cat including feeding, walking, playing, and providing love and attention
Daily cleaning of food and litter areas.
– Engaging with the cat in play, enrichment activities and mental stimulation as well as keeping the cat company.
– Multiple garden and yard outings daily.
– Daily checks and monitoring to ensure the cat is healthy and well.

Photo: Pexels/cottonbro studio

Ideal candidates will have prior experience caring for cats, a “passion for cats and a deep understanding of their needs.” They also want someone who’s “an animal lover at heart.”

The job will be on a set schedule with designated days off, but candidates will need to be able to work during the week including weekends and holidays.

If that sounds like a dream job to you, be sure to check out the listing here.

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