Watch Family’s Emotional Reunion With Missing Dog After 10 Months

As a dog owner, one of my worst nightmares is losing my pup. He’s a part of the family and I can’t imagine anything bad happening to him.

The sad reality is that many pet parents experience losing a dog, either to a tragic accident, theft, runaway, or something else.

Photo: Facebook/Highlands County Sheriff’s Office

When a family in Hardee County, Florida lost their puppy, Conway, they hoped to reunite with him as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, the days slowly turned to weeks and then months, and Conway was nowhere to be found.

But on September 13, 2022, the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office made a special announcement on Facebook. Conway had been found – 10 months after he went missing!

Photo: Facebook/Highlands County Sheriff’s Office

The Highlands County Sheriff’s Office explained that they were able to locate Conway’s family thanks to his microchip and they recorded the emotional reunion! They shared a video of the reunion on Facebook with a warning: “WARNING: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY TEARS SHED WHILE WATCHING THIS VIDEO. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK.”

They explained in the post: “This is Conway. He went missing in Hardee County on Nov. 11, 2021. Exactly 10 months later, he was found walking on a street in Sebring and brought to Animal Services. He was skinny and exhausted and looked almost nothing like the healthy, happy dog he was when he went missing.”

Photo: Facebook/Highlands County Sheriff’s Office

They added that it was because of the microchip that they were able to make the reunion happen.

Watch the touching video below:

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