Family Rescue Cat Meets Baby For The Very First Time

You never quite know how a pet will react to having a new baby in the house. Even pets who are all lovey-dovey to other kids or protective of the baby bump might have a hard time adjusting to life with a newborn.

Babies take up so much attention from Mom and Dad that it’s no wonder pets can be hesitant sometimes. They’re often tossed on the sidelines and forgotten about. Some pets, however, love new babies once they get past the initial uncertainty. That was the case with a sweet rescue cat named Minnie.

Photo: YouTube/izzcat

According to cartoonist Nick Filippou and his YouTube channel iizcat, Minnie was formerly a stary cat that was part of a trap-neuter-release program.

Nick adopted her from a local rescue, and the rescue staff told him that “Minnie would give anything to have a real home.” Since being adopted, she’s been “the sweetest, most sassy cat” and it’s clear that she has a big heart for babies!

Photo: YouTube/izzcat

When Nick’s partner got pregnant, Minnie was all over her baby bump – but that didn’t necessarily mean she’d love the actual baby when she arrived. Nick filmed as Minnie met her newborn sister for the first time and it’s too cute!

Minnie wasn’t sure what to think of the baby at first, but it wasn’t long before they became fast friends.

Photo: YouTube/izzcat

Nick shared the video saying, “Just going through some older clips when we first brought the baby home! Minnie has been curious and a love bug ever since! (She used to love snuggling with the baby bump before they even met!)”

You can watch the introduction for yourself in the video below:

Nick also shared some cartoon photos he created depicting Minnie and the new baby. It’s sweet to see how they inspired such cute designs! Check out the photos below:

What do you think of Minnie and her new baby sister? Let us know!

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