Sick and Old Dog Who Was Returned to the Shelter After 12 Years Finds a New Forever Home

“Netty is 15 years old. She was adopted from our shelter in 2010 and recently returned due to what the owners said was incontinence,” said the Pennsylvania branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in a social media post.

Such an event is heartbreaking for the SPCA, but they are always ready to welcome back their animals that are being returned, after a day, a week, or 10 years.

“Due to her age, and that she was fighting a [urinary tract infection], she lived in our shelter’s hospital. Of course, she got lots of attention, but for the most part she slept,” Gillian Kocher, director of public relations at the Pennsylvania SPCA, told Newsweek.

It was understandable that due to her age and medical condition, no one showed enthusiasm to adopt Netty.

That was until the SPCA posted about Netty on social media, and immediately the animal shelter was contacted by Amy Kidd, owner of Pocopson Veterinary Station in West Chester, along with her husband and kids. Their family is dedicated to rescuing senior pets, especially those animals with special needs.

“As a small-animal veterinarian, I see the needs of senior pets on a daily basis. The puppies and the kittens are always adopted, leaving the puppy mill moms, adult pets, and seniors to be euthanized,” Amy told Newsweek. “Our ultimate goal is to love and spoil her every day she has left. We know we don’t have years left with her, but she will be treated like the queen she is from now on.”

Netty quickly felt comfortable with her new family in her new forever home. She now has a bean bag chair for napping and a cute teddy bear for a cuddly companion. She has also become good friends with the Kidds’ other pets, like their 6 housecats and other dogs.

It is sad that Amy diagnosed more health problems in Netty, such as arthritis in her elbows and lower spine, along with a probable case of laryngeal paralysis that puts her life in peril and may necessitate major surgery later.

But the Kidds have started Netty on water physical therapy and are ensuring that she receives the best kind of care and love every day.

Here’s Netty, enjoying her second lease on life:

“I’m so happy for beautiful Netty. Living a wonderful life with a terrific, loving family. They’re such a blessing. Wishing her and her fantastic family good health and happiness always,” one of her Facebook supporters writes.

“Photos like this of adopted dogs “living the dream” must make everyone at the PSPCA so happy. THIS is why you do the work for these animals. To see them get adopted and then to receive these photos and updates down the road. Netty cannot verbally thank everyone at the PSPCA, but hopefully her smile says it all,” voices another person who has deep appreciation for PSPCA and the work they do.

“Look at NETTY everybody. She is in heaven at her new home! She looks so happy. Oh we need more happy endings like this. Tears of joy, continued prayers and shares for this wonderful FAMILY!” expresses another Facebook commenter who’s filled with gratitude and joy.

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