2-Year-Old Girl Defies All Odds And Rings The Cancer-Free Bell

No one should have to battle cancer. It’s a ruthless disease that takes far too many people too soon. It’s even harder when kids are diagnosed with cancer.

Faith was diagnosed with cancer before her second birthday, but her health problems didn’t start there.

Photo: Facebook/UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

According to the UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Faith was born on January 5, 2019 and was diagnosed with Full Trisomy 18, AKA: Edward’s Syndrome.

The condition is caused by an excess of chromosomes, which can result in organs growing abnormally. Because of that, Faith was given just a 10% chance of surviving to her first birthday. It was a devastating diagnosis, but Faith and her parents were fighters.

Photo: Facebook/UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

Faith ended up defying the odds and living past her first birthday, which was a huge milestone. Her family celebrated the milestone, but the celebrations didn’t last long since Faith was then diagnosed with cancer.

Faith was found to have a 2-inch Wilms tumor on her kidney and began treatment for it.

Faith’s mom shared with UPMC Children’s Hospital:

“By God’s good grace, Faith was placed in the caring and knowledgeable hands of Dr. Julia Meade. Even knowing Faith’s diagnosis of Trisomy 18, Dr. Meade never second-guessed her plan on how to deal with Faith’s cancer. We were all on the same page, we would wage war!”

Photo: Facebook/UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

Faith’s mom added that they had to overcome many battles. She said, “Dehydration, a UTI that turned septic, dehydration again, an aversion to all liquids, and finally placement of an NG tube. Finally on January 15, 2021, not only did Faith defy the odds once again by turning 2 years old, but she also proved that there is power in prayer by completing her final chemo treatment in the war against Wilms Tumor.”

Watch the emotional moment 2-year-old Faith rings the cancer-free bell in the video below:

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