Failed Service Dog Reunites With Woman Who Raised Him

If there is one thing that we all love seeing online, it’s a good reunion video.

Regardless of whether it is a soldier coming home or a dog that has been lost for years, it’s enough to bring tears to our eyes.


Now we have another reunion video and it is one that is going to make you tear up as well. It is a reunion between a beautiful golden retriever named Tater that was raised as a therapy dog but wasn’t able to live up to his responsibilities.

That’s perfectly fine with Tater’s mom, who fostered the puppy for Paws with a Cause until he was one year old. As she shared on TikTok, at that time, she had to turn Tater over to the organization so he could be a therapy dog, and she really struggled with it.

Photo: TikTok/@tontohart

In fact, she said that she never got over having to give him back. As it turns out, however, things were going to come full circle because Tater turned out to be a failure.

Before you get upset over the word “failure,” let’s just say that it isn’t as bad as it seemed. Tater was not cut out for work as a therapy dog but he absolutely loves being part of a family.

Photo: TikTok/@tontohart

Fortunately, the fact that Tater couldn’t be a therapy dog meant that he could come back to live with his original foster mother and she would provide him with a forever home.

Although they had been apart for a year, they have a reunion video that was unbelievably touching. Not only was the dog excited to see his foster mom, but she was also crying tears of joy.

@tontohart I foster raised taters for paws with a cause which trains dogs to be service dogs. I had to give taters back after he turned a year and I never got over it. I was absolutely heartbroken. A year later I got a call Taters failed as a service and placed as a therapy dog. Since I work in hospice, I get to bring my baby boy home to live with 4ever and work as my hospice therapy dog. We were meant to be and will bring comfort to so many. #reunion #goldenretriever #puppies #puppiesoftiktok #happyending ♬ original sound – TontoHart

You can see more of Tater on TikTok, @tontohart.

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