Woman Wakes To Find Three Foot Long Snake Breaking Into Her Bedroom

A Basildon, Essex woman woke from a nap to a terrifying surprise: A 3ft-long snake was slithering inside from her open bedroom window.

Not knowing where the snake came from or if it was dangerous, the UK woman promptly called the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for assistance.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to Essex Live, animal rescue officer Enola Evans was sent to the house to investigate.

Speaking with the BBC, Evans said, “As the window had been open for so long, it was getting quite chilly in there, so I decided to shut it. That’s when I spotted something moving. It was the snake, coiled around the window’s rim – he had been very well-hidden, so I was really pleased to find him.”

Lisa Robertson took to Facebook to share a photo of the snake and you can see just how well it was hidden!

According to the BBC, the snake was identified as a three-foot-long corn snake, a species that’s mostly harmless.


According to the RSPCA, corn snakes in the UK are largely bred in captivity and sold as pets. They can grow nearly 5ft-long and live up to 15 years!

While corn snakes might bite if they’re under stress or if they smell food, they aren’t venomous. A bite from any snake might hurt a little, but the corn snake’s bite is usually nothing serious.

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