German Shepherd Searches Grass For Mom’s Lost Keys

Losing your keys is never fun. It’s a hassle to track down spares or call a locksmith.

Recently, one mama went through the panic and dread that comes with losing her keys. She was out for a walk in Sweden with her dog, Enzo the German Shepherd, when the incident happened.

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She somehow dropped her keys along the walk and considering how thick the grass was, it was going to be difficult to find them. At least, she thought it would be.

Miraculously, Enzo refused to let his human search for the keys on her own. He immediately hopped up and started sniffing around and searching the grassy ditch along the road. It’s as if he knew exactly what to do and what to look for!

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In just a few quick moments, Enzo popped up from the grass holding the keys in his mouth. What a good boy!

Speaking with The Dodo, Enzo’s mom said, “He doesn’t ask for treats or anything when he finds things. I think he gets rewarded from the actual work, and to some extent my happiness, telling him how proud I am of him.”

Photo: Instagram/

Dogs really deserve more credit than we give them.

You can see Enzo searching for the keys in the Instagram video below:

You can see more of Enzo on Instagram,

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