Here’s How You Make an Entrance, According to an Adorable Little Flower Girl

Kids lighten up a room most effortlessly, and it’s like they have this built-in sunshine that magically spreads warmth and happiness to a person. Family events wouldn’t be complete without little ones making an adorable scene — which is too cute not to take a photo of or record on video. Sometimes kids even get a little extra, making the moment even more memorable.

Photo: Pixnio/Marko Milivojevic

Kids are one of the ceremony’s highlights during weddings, since they are part of the entourage. Witnessing their first walk down the aisle as a ring bearer or a flower girl is exciting, and the venue is often filled with cheers and applause and joy. Each kid has their own moment, but this particular flower girl made her entrance grand and remarkable with a little help. Instagram has been gushing over the video of a beautiful toddler making her way down the aisle — sitting in a remote-controlled wedding car. The scene was a treat for the heart as the little girl cutely drove and made the guests smile even more.

Not only that, part of her extra appearance was the string of flowers attached to the car. People have to take notes from the little girl — that is how you enter a venue in style. The video was posted on the wedding photographer’s Instagram account. Pasha Belman even wrote the caption, “Flower girl entrance with style,” and an emoji of a heart. The flower girl has already captured the hearts of many as the post received 48.6 million views. Moreover, the Instagram reel has already garnered 2.2 million likes and 7k comments.

The comment section was full of compliments. One Instagram user commented, “How are these people not dyin’ at the cuteness overload here!” Indeed, the flower girl was overflowing with charm, and the wedding car ensemble was a great touch. Viewers also couldn’t resist tagging their friends in the comment section. It was the easiest way to spread happiness and an idea on how to make an iconic entrance at wedding ceremonies. Good thing the moment was caught on camera — the little flower girl will forever be a source of joy for those who need a reason to smile and love weddings even more.

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