Engineers Break Down Various “Cat Technology” Of The Past And Future

Cat content has always been popular online, from memes to viral videos and everything in between.

Engineer Paul Klusman regularly posts cat-themed videos on YouTube where he boasts over 50,000 followers.

Photo: YouTube/klusmanp

In a recent video, he debuted “An Engineer’s Guide to Cat Technology of the Future.”

“Professional engineers Paul and TJ provide a summary of cat technology and extrapolate to the future. This video was ten years in the making. Getting it done was a big part of my incentive for beating cancer (stage IV Lymphoma, November 2020),” the description read.

Photo: YouTube/klusmanp

In the presentation, they explain how cats inspired a variety of technology, both old and new, from escalators and solar panels to sand castles, duct tape, and electronics activation buttons.

If that weren’t neat enough, they also credit cats with having the ability to time travel.

Photo: YouTube/klusmanp

They said, “Zoe sleeps a lot. We’ve all experienced the phenomenon of falling asleep at one time and waking up at a different time and Zoe is a master at this form of time travel, in fact she often combines sleeping with solar energy for a technological tour de force.”

Check out the full video below:

What do you think of their presentation? If you appreciate Paul’s sense of deadpan humor, you can see more of his videos on YouTube here.

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