Endangered Lemur Gives Birth To Pup After 4 Years Of Trying

The news out of the Calgary Zoo was exciting recently. A critically-endangered lemur was part of their zoo and now, a new pup was born.

The zoo shared in a press release that the black and white ruffed lemur was born to Eny and Menabe. The birth of any animal is always good news, but in this particular case, it was remarkable.

Photo: Flickr/Mack Male License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Lemurs only number about 10,000 in the wild and they are limited to Madagascar. Breeding programs, such as the one at Calgary Zoo, help these and other endangered species to remain a part of our planet.

After using the “Species Survival Plan” to breed animals, the numbers are boosted in captivity but they also release them to boost the genetic diversity in other areas.

Photo: Flickr/Mathias Appel

According to the press release, a strategy advisor at the Calgary Zoo, Typhenn Brichieri-Colombi, said the pup is already playing an important role in the survival and well-being of the black and white ruffed lemurs.

Menabe is an 8-year-old father who has been at the Calgary Zoo since 2017. Eny, his mate, was flown from the Czech Republic when it was realized they could be a good match. That was in 2021.

There is bonding taking place behind the scenes so the enclosures do not contain the lemurs at this time. The public should be able to meet the family on May 19.

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