Escaped Emu Leads Police On 20-Mile Chase Around Tennessee Town

Police in Harriman, Tennessee were in for an eventful day when they received a call regarding an escaped Emu.

Meemu the emu managed to escape from his owner, Harry McKinney, and he proved incredibly tricky to catch.

Photo: Facebook/Harry McKinney

McKinney took to Facebook to explain that Meemu “got spooked at the logging happening behind the house & jumped his 7′ fence.”

After that, word spread about Meemu’s escape and “people all over the county” set out “on about a 20 mile chase, sometimes at 40mph.” McKinney shared photos and videos of the chase, explaining that authorities and civilians “surrounded [Meemu] just above downtown.”

Photo: Facebook/Harry McKinney

From there, McKinney was able to snag the bird and get him home safely.

Photo: Facebook/Harry McKinney

Since then, McKinney has been having fun sharing about Meemu on Facebook, and even started the bird on his very own Facebook page!

If you’d like to keep up with Meemu and his antics, be sure to check out his Facebook page here.

You can also see a video of Meemu on the run below:

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