Beekeepers Are Transforming Eminem’s Childhood Home Into A Garden For Pollinators

Eminem’s childhood home in Detroit, Michigan will soon be home to a pollinator’s paradise full of flowers for bees and other insects.

The project is being completed by Detroit Hives, a non-profit dedicated to turning vacant lots in the city into urban bee farms.

According to The Detroit News, Detroit Hives recently acquired a few vacant lots on the city’s east side, including 19946 Dresden St. They shared a photo of the new lot on their Instagram account:

That address is famously known for being rapper Eminem’s childhood home, which was featured on his album’s cover for “Marshal Mathers LP” back in 2000.

Since then, the house experienced fire damage and was boarded up. The house was seen again in Eminem’s cover for the album “Marshall Mathers LP 2,” but this time it was boarded up and vacant. That album was released in 2013, the same year that the house was demolished by the state because of the fire damage.

Timothy Paule Jackson and Nicole Lindsey, co-founders and directors of Detroit Hives, are excited to use the lot to help transform the neighborhood and provide an oasis for bees.

Photo: Unsplash/Ginevra Austine

According to WXYZ Detroit, Nicole said: “We’re excited to see us plant over 300 or so or more perennial native flowers here where bees can come visit, but also people.”

Their efforts will provide a beautiful and safe place for kids and adults to spend time, but it’ll also serve as a pollinator’s heaven.

Timothy explained to WXYZ Detroit, “For those who don’t know, a pollinator is anything that can help transport seeds from one thing to the next. Pollination can be done by wind, water, bees, ants, butterflies, bats etcetera.”


Timothy and Nicole told the news outlet that they’re excited to have a way to “reactivate vacant spaces” and improve underserved communities in a way that’ll help both people and pollinators.

So far, the community has expressed positive feedback, and people “love to see these spaces become activated.”

It’s unclear if Eminem, himself, will comment on the new use of his childhood home but Detroit Hives is hopeful that’ll come check it out.

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