Young Girl Performs “Moon River” On Piano For Rescue Dog

Music is a universal language. It’s something that’s enjoyed by people around the world, and even by animals.

One family that knows this all too well is the Barton family. Paul Barton lives in Bangkok with his wife, 7-year-old daughter Emilie, and their many rescue dogs.

Photo: YouTube/Paul Barton

Paul is a musician and artist by trade, and he regularly plays music for animals to enjoy, including elephants! But there’s one animal, in particular, who loves his music and that’s his rescue pup, Sharky.

It’s not just Paul who plays music for Sharky, but little Emilie plays music for him as well.

In a sweet video shared by Paul on YouTube, you can see Emilie perform “Moon River” on piano while Sharky lays atop the instrument and soaks in every note.

Photo: YouTube/Paul Barton

Even though she’s just 7 years old, Emilie performs the song effortlessly. Considering she’s been working on the piece with her dad since she was a baby, it makes sense that it’d be her song of choice.

Paul shared on YouTube that he used to practice playing piano at a fish farm that doubled as a home for stray dogs.

The dogs would gather around the piano as he played, and one dog, in particular, caught his attention.

Photo: YouTube/Paul Barton

That dog, Sharky, loved Paul’s music and Paul soon fell in love with Sharky and decided to take her home. Now, if Sharky isn’t next to or under the piano, she can be found lying on top of it.

You can watch Emilie perform for Sharky in the video below:

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