90 Shelter Dogs And Cats Flown Out Of Hurricane-Ravaged Florida Thanks to Your Support

Greater Good Charities’ Good Flights made an emergency flight to help homeless pets in Florida after Hurricane Ian tore across the state.

Over 2 million people were left without power and countless homes were destroyed by the Category 4 hurricane. Search and rescue teams are still searching for survivors as the death toll reaches 100.

Early Sunday morning, the Good Flights team battled heavy rain as they loaded 56 cats and 34 dogs from shelters in the hardest hit areas and flew them to New Jersey.

Volunteers and staff from St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center, Liberty Humane Society, the Pennsylvania SPCA, and Lucky Dog Animal Rescue were waiting at the airport to unload and transport the pets to shelters.

St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center waived adoption fees at their Madison location to help make room for the incoming pets from Florida. They shared, “The dogs from Florida are already getting lots of love from our staff, and they should be ready for adoption in the next few days. You can see all our available animals at sthuberts.org/animal-search.”

Pennsylvania SPCA took in six dogs and six cats even though they were already full and posted, “When we have the opportunity and ability to make an impact on animals like these who have fallen victim to a natural disaster, we step up,” Julie Klim, PSPCA CEO. They urge people to adopt a new family member.

The evacuated shelter pets will go on to find their forever homes while the Florida shelters take in displaced and injured pets.

This life-saving flight wouldn’t have been possible without your support, so thank you!

“This emergency flight of shelter pets from Florida is one of many efforts that Greater Good Charities is doing to help the people and pets impacted by Hurricane Ian,” states Liz Baker, CEO of Greater Good Charities. “We are planning for possible future transports and are also working diligently with partners in affected and surrounding areas to send in pet food, supplies, and humanitarian aid to help the people and pets reeling from this catastrophic disaster.”

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Check out some of the happy pets you helped save in the video below.

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