Woman Shares Email She Received From Her 13-Year-Old Self

Checking emails is something most people do, a tedious task that some people dread and others outsource. Personally, I like checking my email every morning with a cup of coffee. It’s like a signal that my day is starting and it’s time to get productive.

Most people receive emails from colleagues, advertisers, and perhaps a few family members here or there. One woman received a truly surprising email, though – from her 13-year-old self!

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20-year-old Michelle Kidelsky (@michelleskidelsky) took to TikTok to share about the email she received and it was incredibly heartwarming.

She used futureme.org to write and schedule the email back when she was just 13 years old.

In the TikTok video, she explains: “So, a couple of days ago I got an email from, I s*** you not, my 13-year-old self. When I was 13, I found this website where you could, like, schedule emails to be sent to yourself in the future. And I wrote, like, a bunch of these little letters to myself… I remember for the last one that I wrote, I closed my eyes and I blindly picked the date that it would be sent on.”

Photo: TikTok/@michelleskidelsky

While some people would write silly things to their future selves, Michelle’s approach was touching. Her email read:

“Dear Future Me, hi, did you miss me? It’s me, you! I really like these letters. Maybe this is the last one, or maybe this is the first of many more that will come everyday from now on. Either way, I hope you are very well. I am very well, if that makes any difference.”

The letter went on to say, “I hope you remember that you are beautiful and awesome, and deserve lots of awesome things. If your life has gone horribly wrong, I’m sorry, but your life was awesome at one point. And don’t regret making your life horrible, because at one point, it was everything you wanted. I am proud of you because I know we are capable of great things. You are smart… or you were, and you can be smart again.”

Photo: TikTok/@michelleskidelsky

Michelle concluded the letter by saying: “So, that’s really all I have to say because I am sure you are busy with your life. But on my behalf, I would like you to treat yourself to a doughnut of your choice. If you do not treat yourself to this donut, I will be very upset. Just a reminder.”

What a sweet 13-year-old! Check out the video below:


i used futureme.org to do this!! dont let this fool you 13 year old me was rlly annoying

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