Emaciated Dog Unable To Stand On His Own Makes Remarkable Recovery And Is Ready For Loving Home

Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS) shared an underdog story about a dog named Arnold that will bring tears to your eyes.

An emaciated dog arrived as a stray at the no-kill shelter in April unable to stand on his own and on the brink of death. All of his ribs were showing, and he barely ate.

The shelter wrote, “Arnold was hesitant to accept affection from his caregivers and struggled to gain weight. For a time, we weren’t sure Arnold would make it… but one day, Arnold started to get better!”

Screenshot: Facebook/The Jacksonville Humane Society

Arnold finally received the care and love he needed. Staff members took turns carrying him outside to go to the bathroom and spent time with him in the sun. He showed his appreciation to his caretakers by resting his head in their lap and giving “gentle kisses”.

He slowly started to improve and is now walking on his own. The shelter shared the great news and said he has been medically cleared and is ready to find a loving home.

Screenshot: Facebook/The Jacksonville Humane Society

“Arnold was determined to live to meet his people, and he’s ready to start his new life with them,” stated the shelter.

The four-year-old pup loves to play with squeaky toys and roll in the grass. He is described as independent and energetic and can be shy when first meeting new people. However, once he warms up to you, he will never leave your side.

Screenshot: Facebook/The Jacksonville Humane Society

Arnold had a rough start to life, but he is putting his past behind him and is ready to experience all the good things in life. Anyone interested in adopting him can find out more here.

JHS takes in roughly 9,000 dogs and cats each year and with the support of their community and hardworking staff and volunteers works to find them loving homes. They encourage people to help give the shelter dogs a much-needed break by taking them out for day trips with their Dog Day Out program.

Share Arnold’s story to help him find a forever home.

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