Owner Surrenders Sweet Cat Because She “Wanted To Cuddle” Too Much

Good cat owners can barely fathom giving up their pets on the worst day, but can you imagine giving your cat away because she’s too sweet?

That’s the position 4-year-old Ellie found herself in. The poor feline was returned because she “wanted to cuddle” her owner, and the owner wasn’t having it!

Photo: Pexels/Ruca Souza

No cat deserves to be returned to the shelter, but Ellie ended up finding the perfect home because of it.

It all started when Twitter user @revengegrill shared about the cat, saying:

“Yall. This is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. This cat was returned to the shelter because she wanted to cuddle her owners at night.”

The tweet was shared alongside a photo of Ellie in her cage, which had a sign that read: “I was returned because I wanted to sleep with my human at night and I wasn’t allowed to, so I would cry outside the bedroom door.”

@revengegrill added that the cat was located at the Petsmart in Chester, Virginia.

After sharing the post, it went viral and received thousands of likes and retweets. It wasn’t long before the applications for sweet Ellie started pouring in.

According to Fox News, Kate Balow, the owner of Meow Stories Central VA Cat Rescue, is in charge of Ellie’s adoption. She said that since going viral, Ellie received around 25 different applications!

In the end, it was Sammi, who goes by @clairyjoe on Twitter, who was chosen to adopt sweet Ellie. Before even meeting Ellie or being approved to take her own, Sammi was preparing her home and bought all the supplies she needed for a new cat. She ended up driving more than 3 hours to PetSmart to meet Ellie and even got there an hour early just to be safe.

The meeting was a success, and Ellie was soon loaded up and on her way home with Sammi.

Ellie is already enjoying plenty of cuddles with her new owner and that’s exactly what we hoped for her. It’s safe to say she’ll never be returned for being too affectionate again!

Ellie had so much interest from her viral story that Sammi started a whole Instagram page dedicated to the cat, @ellie_petsmartsweetie. Sammi also put together an Amazon wishlist so people who want to support Ellie can do so by buying her gifts. How sweet!

We’re so happy for Ellie!

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