Runaway Dog Rescued After She Settled Down In A Flowerbed For Some Hot Soup

A runaway rescue dog managed to be rescued for a second time after she was spotted resting in a flowerbed in Pennsylvania.

Rescuer Nicole Asher of Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery shared about Ella and her rescue on Facebook.

In the post, Asher recalled how the dog was found in Malvern, Pennsylvania “curled up in a ball, in a flower bed, wet, dirty and shaking.”

A concerned citizen named Karen happened to spot the dog and knew she needed to do something to help. She called the rescue and put some warm chicken soup out for the dog to warm her up, along with a blanket for her to sleep with.

The dog ate the soup and rested on the blanket before leaving. Thankfully, the tired pup didn’t wander far and it wasn’t long before she returned for another meal and nap on the blanket.

Asher managed to set up a trap for the dog and it wasn’t long before the stray climbed right into the cage. In the post, Ahser wrote:

“Once captured, we were beyond thrilled to find a tag on her collar with her name, ELLA and the contact info for her rescue. I immediately contacted the number and after they got over the initial shock, there were lots of happy tears and cries of joy.”

Apparently, sweet Ella had escaped from MatchDog Rescue and spent weeks traveling some 12 miles.

According to The Dodo, Asher added: “The president of the rescue came and took her back to her home to decompress and rest from her traumatic time on the run. She settled right in and has become a big couch potato.”

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