Elk Politely Cross Road at ‘Elk Crossing’ Sign

Why did the elk cross the road? Because the sign told them to do it.

At least that’s what appears to have happened in a video shot by Instagram user @laurieannhanson in Douglas County, Colorado. The video shows a herd of elk standing near the road just after sunrise on rolling fields dusted with snow. Soon after the video begins, half of the herd takes off across the road, and their dedication to politeness on the roadways is admirable.

As the video finishes, you can see that they’ve been running across the road next to an elk crossing sign. A couple of replies noted how thoughtful the animals were for doing this, with one calling them good citizens.

The video caught the attention of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, which commented, asking if they could share it on their social channels.

In response, Hanson said they could, adding, “It was an awesome sight!”

On their own post, the wildlife agency said, “When the elk crossing sign is VERY spot on.”

The elk crossing there is hardly coincidence, though. Animal crossing signs are placed in areas where the species in question is apt to have issues with vehicles. The sign placement is determined by the location of car collisions with the species, nearby prime habitat and animal pathways that would lead the animals there, and the number of animals on roads in the area.

While light-hearted, this video serves as a reminder that there are plenty of animals on the road. To avoid having a collision, be sure to watch your speed, scan the road and the shoulders ahead, use high beams when there isn’t oncoming traffic, drive in the center lane if there is one, and be especially mindful at dawn and dusk. These tips are particularly important if you’re in an area with a high wildlife population.

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