Elephants Rush Into Pool To Save Baby Elephant From Drowning In Viral Video

Elephants are intelligent and compassionate animals who form extremely close bonds with their herd.

When a baby elephant fell into the deep end of a pool at Seoul Garden Park Zoo in South Korea two adult elephants rushed to the rescue.

A viral video shared on Twitter by Gabriele Corno showed the amazing rescue. The baby, who was presumably standing next to its mother, was investigating the water with its trunk when it fell into the pool. Mama started to panic and pace as another adult elephant came over to help.

Screenshot: Twitter/Gabriele Corno

A third elephant can be seen pacing behind a fence in the background, clearly wanting to help.

The calf was struggling to keep its trunk above the deep water as the two elephants made their way into the pool on the shallow end. They quickly made their way over to the calf and together guided it out.

Screenshot: Twitter/Gabriele Corno

Elephants are natural-born swimmers, but they must keep their trunks above water to breathe. Mothers will stay close to their calves for months when they are near water to ensure their safety.

The rescue video has been viewed over 2.5 million times and people are still amazed by the compassion elephants show one another.

Screenshot: Twitter/Gabriele Corno

One person wrote, “The most fascinating for me is the fact that they possess enough instinct to know ‘you may die’ (sense of depth), then to run, then to rescue.”

Another said, “I’m waiting for the day people aren’t surprised when animals act like more than objects. Animals are just like us (better than us actually), the only difference is they haven’t learned to speak our language (well some have)”.

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