A Hospital in Bengal Gets a Surprise Visit from Two Elephants

Animals making surprise appearances in places they aren’t supposed to be are one of the craziest things we can imagine. It’s even more shocking when it involves a wild animal. These rare sightings seem like they’re straight from a cartoon show, and they’ll make you feel puzzled. How did those animals enter a place without being caught? Did something attract their attention that made them take a look inside?

Photo: Twitter/Susanta Nanda IFS

Elephants are one of those wild animals that will incredibly surprise you in a public place. Most times, people only encounter them in zoos and sanctuaries or just see them on television. It’ll be a once-in-a-blue-moon moment to see the friendly giants cross the street or relax at the park like it’s their picnic day. Amazingly, it happened in Bengal, India. But it’s not on the streets, nor in any recreational spot; two elephants were found inside a hospital. The scene was too puzzling and didn’t seem real, but photographs and videos were shared on Twitter.

According to the Twitter caption from Susanta Nanda IFS, the two elephants were from Jalpaiguri Cantonment. They were found in a hospital hallway inside the Binnaguri army camp. Staff were stunned and amazed by the sight as they took photos of their surprise guests. A video was also uploaded by the Office of Dilip Ghosh. One elephant was trying to fit itself in the door so it could go for a stroll. Thankfully, neither humans nor elephants were harmed during the hospital visit.

People on Twitter shared their funny interpretations of the unusual hospital scene. A Twitter user commented, “Did anyone address the elephant in the room?” It was a fitting comment for that situation, and another user also replied, “Must have come for regular health check-up.” Maybe those elephants had an appointment that day or thought walk-ins were also accepted. Others also pointed out that it might have been because the hospital was once their habitat. However, no further explanation was shared concerning why those elephants visited the hospital that day.

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