Elephant Seal Reacts To Seeing Her Baby Move For The First Time

If there’s one thing that reunites many mammals, it’s giving birth and parenting. Moms seem to have an innate care for their offspring, regardless of if they’re human moms, dog moms, or even elephant seal moms!

That’s seen in a beautiful way in a video that shows an elephant seal mother inspecting her newborn baby.

Photo: Twitter/@gunsnrosesgirl3

Selina Rose (who goes by Science Girl on Twitter @gunsnrosesgirl3) posted the video with the caption:

“This elephant seal mum has just given birth and is anxious her baby is still. Watch her reaction when her child moves.”

Photo: Twitter/@gunsnrosesgirl3

In the clip, you can tell the mama is a bit distraught that her newborn isn’t moving. She rubs her nose down its body, until suddenly, the pup moves!

The sweet elephant seal mama can’t contain her excitement that her pup is ok.

Photo: Twitter/@gunsnrosesgirl3

It’s precious to see a mom of any kind experience the joy of knowing her baby is going to be just fine.

Check out the sweet moment for yourself below:


According to the California Department of Parks and Recreation, female elephant seals begin to arrive and form “harems” on beaches in late December, and they give birth within a week of arriving. Elephant seals generally give birth to one pup and nurse the baby for less than a month.

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