Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick Received Hugs in a Reunion with the Elephants She Raised

Animals with remarkable features have always struggled with humans who see them as an income source. For instance, elephants are poached for their ivory tusks. Poachers illegally kill the elephants to sell their tusks in the ivory trade because of their valuable price. For this reason, there has been a decline in elephant populations, and it has badly impacted the younger ones. The calves get separated from their parents whenever poachers hunt for them. It’s a sad and cruel world out there for young ones to live by themselves — there’s no assurance of survival.

Photo: Unsplash/AJ Robbie

Thankfully, some kind hearted humans volunteer to give orphaned and traumatized elephants a brighter future. One of them is Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick. She was a wildlife conservationist who is well-known for her advocacy to protect orphaned elephants whose parents died from the ivory tusk trade. Since 1977, she has become the voice of fear-stricken elephants and stayed by their side while fighting for their rights. Because of the warmth that radiates from her, elephants grew fond of her — she was their symbol of hope.

Photo: Youtube/Did You Know Animals

Even though years have passed since the elephants interacted with Dr. Sheldrick, they still welcomed her with a hug. The elephants she fostered acknowledged her efforts and felt that she was undoubtedly a genuine person. They will never forget the amazing things she has done for them. From formulating milk that offers sufficient nutrients for elephant calves to emotional care, Dr. Sheldrick has indeed given them a chance to feel maternal love.

While fighting for elephant rights, the wildlife conservationist also extended her help to rhinos. They are highly poached for their horns which also caused a decline in the rhinoceroses’ population. To honor the late Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick, her advocacy for elephants and rhinoceroses still exists and continues with the people she inspired. They have an organization called the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which has several projects to provide a brighter future for the animals they protect.

Photo: Youtube/Did You Know Animals

You can also get involved by donating, adopting orphans, volunteering, etcetera. Get to know more about their advocacy by visiting the official website. Dr. Sheldrick is an inspiration who has set an example for the younger generations. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired by her as well — let her story be your motivation to be the voice of animals who are victims.

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