Rescue Elephant Walks Freely For The First Time After Receiving Prosthetic Leg

Most of us don’t need anyone to tell us exactly how difficult it can be to be an elephant.

They are some of the most wonderful creatures on the face of the Earth but they have a difficult time in life, between poachers and all the other difficulties they face.

Photo: YouTube/elephantnews

One example of an elephant that had to face a lot is Medo. When she arrived at Elephant Nature Park, she was suffering as a result of her past in a logging camp. She was forced to carry logs from a young age, and suffered a terrible injury when a heavy log fell on her.

According to a press release from the park, the team worked hard to help her with her back and leg injury, and eventually, they were able to do something for her that was unprecedented. Medo received her own prosthetic leg, and it seems as if she couldn’t be happier.

Photo: YouTube/elephantnews

In order to celebrate this special day, Elephant Nature Park shared a video. In the description, they wrote: “Today is a special day for Medo, and ourselves. Medo has been given a prosthetic leg for the first time.”

Thankfully, this beautiful elephant has been able to adjust after the difficulty she faced in her past. Although she has a problem walking without the prosthetic leg, she lives without many problems according to their estimation.

Photo: YouTube/elephantnews

The caregivers talk about how Medo is embarrassed because she is not familiar with the prosthetic leg at first. It supports her and provides more balance, and helps her to have a good posture.

They said: “We do not know yet if she will accept this or not, but we are doing our best to accommodate this new appendage to her experience of life.”

Watch the touching video below:

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