Elephant Interrupts News Broadcast By “Tickling” Reporter’s Ear

A Kenyan TV journalist was given quite a surprise when reporting from a wildlife center in Nairobi, Kenya.

Reporter Alvin Patterson Kaunda was at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation center for elephants and rhinos, where he was reporting for a news broadcast amongst elephants.

Photo: Instagram/@sheldricktrust

One of those elephants, a 4-year-old female named Kindani, took a particular interest in Kaunda. In fact, she was so interested in him that she approached him and tickled him!

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust shared a video of the encounter on Instagram, with the caption:

“Everyone wants to be the star! Kindani was so inspired by Alvin’s performance that she decided to steal her own moment in the spotlight.”

Photo: Instagram/@sheldricktrust

In the clip, you can see Kaunda attempting to report while Kindani tickles his ear with her trunk. Kaunda stifles a smile and keeps reporting, but Kindani doesn’t stop.

Eventually, she works her trunk onto his head and he can’t help but break out in a smile. He did a great job maintaining professionalism, given the circumstances.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, elephants are the world’s largest land animal and their trunks have “mad skills.” Each elephant’s trunk contains 150,000 muscle units that allow them to manipulate their trunks in precise ways.

Photo: Instagram/@sheldricktrust

The WWF explains, “Their trunks are perhaps the most sensitive organ found in any mammal – Asian elephants have been seen to pick up a peanut, shell it, blow the shell out and eat the nut.”

You can really see the dexterity of an elephant’s trunk in the way Kaunda manipulates her trunk.

Check out the video below:

How cute is that?

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