Sweet Staffordshire Terrier Wins Grandma’s Heart And Becomes Family Favorite

For many people, having grandkids is a big goal in life. After the kids grow up, many people are just itching to have a new round of babies to spoil and look after.

Frida’s mom was eagerly waiting for a grandbaby, but instead, she got a grand dog – and she couldn’t be more obsessed.

Photo: YouTube/Cuddle Buddies

In a video shared by Cuddle Buddies, Frida explained that she didn’t initially want a staffy at all.

She said, “When we were going to get a dog, we did not want a white staffy because I thought they’re not cute.”

Photo: YouTube/Cuddle Buddies

However, when Frida laid eyes on Einstein the white Staffordshire, it was all over. She immediately fell in love and welcomed the dog into her life as a permanent addition.

According to Cuddle Buddies, Frida said that her mom is “obsessed” with Einstein.

Photo: YouTube/Cuddle Buddies

In true “grandma” fashion, Frida’s mom completely spoils Einstein with endless love and affection. It’s sweet, really, even if it goes a bit far at times.

While Einstein may have not been the plan initially, he quickly became a family favorite. He’s such a lovebug!

You can see more of Einstein and his story in the video below:

You can keep up with Frida, Einstein, and the family on TikTok or Instagram.

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