Dog Shows No Mercy in Hilarious Speed Eating Contest with Owner

Have you ever seen a speed-eating competition between a dog and a human? You might be able to anticipate who will be the winner (they make slow-feeders for dogs for a reason, after all), but what you may not realize is exactly how funny it’s going to be to watch a dog absolutely own his owner at such a silly sport!

We have got to give props to this doggo. The entire time his owner is droning on about the game and all, the dog, who is apparently named Pablo, barely even glances at the food in front of him. He knows he’s about to win, paws down. He doesn’t have to do any preparatory work to ensure he doesn’t stumble and lose his place as reigning champion.

Photo: Reddit/waqararif

“That doggo is trained. Dude didn’t even take a peek at the food before the third count,” says Illustrious_Site_162.

Then the human counts to three, and they’re off! At first, it seems like the race might be a close one. We really do believe that this guy has been practicing. But then Pablo lunges ahead, vacuuming up snacks as he goes, and gets to the end of the row lightyears ahead of his human.

Photo: Reddit/waqararif

The absolute best part of this video is at the end of the race. Not only does the doggo finish first by a long shot, but he isn’t content to just work in his own lane. Instead, he dives over to help his owner finish off that last bite. What a greedy little pudge!

“Winners don’t care about your rules,” writes fiveofnein.

Photo: Reddit/waqararif

The fact that the guy says he’s been practicing is really funny. We wonder how often they have these races and how absurd the videos of the other races probably are!

Renojackson32 exclaims, “Oh my gosh, I’m gonna try this with my dog.”

Check out the video to watch this savage dog take absolutely no mercy on his weak human opponent.

The dog didn’t take any mercy
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If anyone tries this with their dog, we definitely want to see the results. Submit your story and any photos or videos you’d like to share with us here!

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