Early-Onset Dementia Patient Embroiders A Beautiful Interpretation Of Her Brain

When we have the benefit of good health, we often don’t give much consideration to what we have. Our senses, thoughts, fingers, and toes are all just normal parts of our lives.

Things change, however, when our health begins to decline. Suddenly, we become painfully aware of ourselves and our bodies, often as they cause us one problem after another.

Photo: Pexels/Mario Wallner

Sometimes, our awareness of our bodies also brings out something unexpected. It seems that is the case with one Twitter user, Charlotte, who shared something special about her mother.

Charlotte’s mother suffers from early-onset dementia and epilepsy. As a result of her problems, she thinks a lot about her brain and she wanted to share her thoughts on the subject.

The way she did so was very touching. Her mother, who knows how to embroider, created a representation of how her brain looks to her.

Photo: Pexels/Suzy Hazelwood

Most people who have loved ones with dementia realize that it can be a dark problem. This piece, however, brings color to the issue, and it does so in a beautiful way.

She uses vibrant colors and beading to create the different sections of the brain. The different textures come together to produce an overview of how she sees her own brain, despite the issues she faces.


Each section is made with its own type of material and rather than showing the discouraging aspects of dementia, it offers hope. Charlotte’s mother seems to view her brain in a beautiful way, and we appreciate her creation.

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