Puppy Hit By Car Survives But Needs Emergency Surgery For Broken Jaw And Shattered Leg

Update: Spiderman has fully recovered and found a loving home! His new mom saw a post about the adorable tripod and drove over six hours to adopt him. He loves his new family and sends endless kisses for your support.

Superheroes make the world a better place, so all dogs are superheroes to us. Some dogs are even named after them. Meet an eight-month-old puppy named Spiderman who is inspiring others with his positive attitude and zest for life after a near-death experience.

On April 12, he was running loose and was hit by a car. He miraculously survived the accident but had major injuries that required immediate care.

He was rushed to a local veterinary clinic which contacted his owners, but they decided to surrender him. The clinic reached out to It Takes A Village Animal Rescue & Resources to see if they would be willing to care for the sweet boy.

Photo: It Takes A Village Animal Rescue & Resources

The rescue agreed to care for Spiderman even though they knew it was going to be an expensive and long journey to recovery. He deserved a second chance.

“The two most pressing needs for Spiderman were his jaw, which suffered multiple fractures and a rear leg, which was shattered beyond repair and required amputation,” the rescue told us.

Greater Good Charities’ Emergency Animal Medical Fund was started to help animals like Spiderman receive the care they need. Shelters and rescues do all they can to care for the homeless animals but need help. The cost of food alone eats up their minimal budgets.

The rescue applied for a grant from the Emergency Animal Medical Fund to cover the accumulating vet bills and emergency surgeries for Spiderman.

Spiderman received the necessary surgeries and is now recovering with one of the vet techs who offered to foster him. His mouth was taped shut to allow his jaw to heal and he was fed a liquid diet. He is slowly transitioning back to a regular diet and the tough pup is adjusting well to his new life as a tripod.

Photo: It Takes A Village Animal Rescue & Resources

The rescue shared, “He is very much the quintessential puppy, bursting with playful energy.” He will eventually be put up for adoption after he has fully recovered.

Help us meet our goal of $6,200 to help Spiderman heal. Your support will not only give Spiderman the hope to keep fighting, but your donations will help cover the emergency surgeries and ongoing care he will need.

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