Puppy Arrives At Shelter Struggling To Walk With Missing Paw And Old Injury To Front Legs

Update: Thanks to your generous support, we have raised enough funds to cover Lou’s care, braces, and prosthetic leg. The shelter and Lou want to thank you for your donations. “Thank you for helping Lou find his ‘shoe’ and ensure his life is full of play, adventure and love!”

A six-month-old Labrador mix puppy arrived at Heartland Humane Society (HHS) as a surrendered stray struggling to walk. While most puppies are running and playing, Lou would love to simply walk again without pain.

The sweet boy arrived with one of his front legs missing a paw, which the shelter believes could have happened at birth or could be an injury. They shared, “He still has all of his nerves and mobility in this leg. Within a few minutes we also noticed his other front foot looked a bit wonky. A trip to the Vet for X-rays shows an old break in the foot that healed incorrectly.”

Photo: Heartland Humane Society

HHS is not giving up on Lou. They found a solution that will help him walk without pain, but it is expensive.

“Our medical team did some research and found Bionic pets to start the process of matching Lou with a Custom Carpal Brace and a ‘Grow plan’ where he will continue to be fitted for braces until full grown.”

The shelter reached out to Greater Good Charities’ Emergency Animal Medical Fund for help with Lou’s ongoing care. Emergency Animal Medical Fund was started to provide grants to animal shelters and rescues to cover the costs of medical care to save lives of shelter pets like Lou.

Photo: Heartland Humane Society

Lou loves everyone he meets and has won the hearts of staff and volunteers at the rescue. He deserves a second chance to live life to the fullest and you can help.

Donate now to help Lou get the prosthetic leg he needs. He is also in need of a loving foster or forever home who will help him learn how to walk with his new leg.

Photo: Heartland Humane Society

You can help sweet Lou begin the journey to recovery. Your support will not only give Lou the hope to keep fighting, but your donations will help cover the ongoing care and training he will need.

Help us meet our goal of $2,800 to help Lou walk without pain.

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