Dog Found With Shattered Leg On The Side Of The Road In South Africa Needs Your Help To Heal

Greater Good Charities’ Emergency Animal Medical funding saves the lives of pets suffering from traumatic injuries, like Ash.

The estimated 5-year-old dog was found on the side of the road by a citizen in Mitchell’s Plain near Cape Town, South Africa.

The low-income area is sadly full of homeless and abandoned dogs. Rescue is Life was contacted by the citizen for help in treating the sweet pup.

Photo: Rescue is Life

Ash had been hit by a vehicle and her front left leg was shattered. She also suffered from injuries to her abdomen. She was rushed to an emergency hospital where she was stabilized and examined by a vet.

The rescue told us, “We were then told that Ash would either need to have her leg amputated or to have it fixed via a
complex pinning operation which could only done by a specialist vet due to the severity. This would then be followed up by physiotherapy on the leg as she recovers.”

They chose the surgery so she could keep her leg and then reached out to Greater Good Charities’ Emergency Animal Medical fund for help with the accumulating vet bills.

The Emergency Animal Medical grants are only possible because of your donations. When you give to the fund, you are directly saving a life.

Ash needs daily bandage changes for the wounds on her abdomen that are slowly healing. The surgery on her leg was a success and she is finally able to put weight on it. Her foster mom, a registered veterinary nurse, helps with her daily physio exercises and shared that she is already walking around. Ash remains a friendly and loving dog even after the horrific ordeal she has faced.

Photo: Rescue is Life

There is no doubt that Ash will find a loving home after she has fully recovered. She loves to snuggle on the coach and gets along well with other dogs and children.

The rescue shared, “We felt that prior to her rescue, Ash had been fending for herself on the streets her entire life, never knowing a full belly, a warm home and a loving human, and so we plan to ensure she gets all of that and more in her new life.”

Help us meet our goal of $1,600 to care for Ash. Your support will not only give Ash the hope to keep fighting, but your donations will help cover the ongoing care and physical therapy she will need.

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