Military Woman Returns On Leave To Find Her Horse Emaciated and Riddled With Parasites

Horses are majestic and kind animals who make the best therapists. They rely on humans to provide proper food, shelter, care, and exercise. At a minimum they need constant access to clean water, green pasture and hay to munch on, and shelter from the elements.

According to The Humane Society of the United States, “An average-size horse will eat about 20 pounds of food a day and drink at least eight gallons of water.”

If a horse doesn’t receive sufficient food and care his body condition can quickly decline in a matter of weeks.

Photo: Colorado Horse Rescue Network

A Nebraska woman joined the military and before she was deployed, she asked her family members to care for her beloved horse named Cash.

She left to fight for her country and thought Cash was in good hands.

However, when she returned on leave, she arrived to find her precious horse emaciated and riddled with intestinal worms and lice.

He obviously was not being properly cared for and it broke her heart. She immediately contacted Colorado Horse Rescue Network who helps horses in Colorado and bordering states.

The 19-year-old gelding was fostered by a board member in Nebraska until he gained enough weight to be safely transported to the rescue facility in Colorado.

The sweet horse arrived with his ribs and hip bones showing and in desperate need of food and medical care. The road to recovery will be a long and expensive journey.

Photo: Colorado Horse Rescue Network

The rescue reached out to Greater Good Charities’ Emergency Animal Medical Fund for help. The fund was started to provide grants to animal shelters and rescues to cover the costs of emergency surgery and medical care. Cash’s recovery will take months and will be costly.

The rescue shared, “Bringing a horse back from emaciation is an expensive and dangerous process.” He will need multiple small meals a day until his body recovers and treatment to rid his body of worms and lice.

Cash hasn’t let his neglect change his sweet demeanor and is loved by all who meet him. Will you help this gentle giant?

Help us meet our goal of $7,000 to feed and care for Cash. Your support will not only give Cash the hope to keep fighting, but your donations will help cover the ongoing treatment he will need.

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