Severely Injured Cat With Numerous Broken Bones In His Face Needs Your Help To Recover

UPDATE: Thanks to your support, Santo’s medical bills have been paid and he is on the road to recovery. The rescue shared, “His prognosis is excellent with a full recovery on the horizon. We are confident that treating this trauma is the ONLY thing standing in the way of him being adopted. Once he is fixed up, he will have no problem finding a loving home.” Thank you for your donation and for giving Santo the second chance he deserves.

Animal rescuers in Pennsylvania encountered a severely injured feral cat on the verge of death and saved him just in time.

Cat Tales was searching for street cats for their TNR program and noticed an emaciated cat, Santo, who from a distance appeared to also have a serious upper respiratory infection. However, when they approached the feline they noticed his disfigured face and knew he had to be in excruciating pain.

Rescuers recalled, “He was very skinny when we found him so we didn’t know how long it had been since he had eaten.” He wouldn’t have survived much longer on the streets.

Photo: Cat Tales

Santo was rushed to a local veterinary clinic for emergency surgery to repair the numerous broken bones in his face and jaw.

The rescue’s first concern was for Santo and once he was getting the medical care he needed, they reached out to Greater Good Charities’ Emergency Animal Medical Fund to help cover the costly surgery and ongoing care.

Emergency Animal Medical Fund was started to provide grants to animal shelters and rescues to cover the costs of medical care of homeless pets to help save lives. With your support, we are able to help severely injured cats like Santo and give them the second chance they deserve.

Santo has endured so much pain, but he doesn’t let his past impact his sweet personality. He’s in good hands now and his caretakers shared, “He is a gentle soul that loves attention and a sunny spot.”

It will be a long road to recovery as his bones heal and his body finally gets the nutrition it needs.

Photo: Cat Tales

He’s currently on a feeding tube and will slowly be introduced to food once his body has healed. Santo deserves a chance to be loved by a family and experience the good things in life.

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Help us meet our goal of $7,500 to cover Santo’s surgery and care. Every dollar donated goes to saving Santo and other homeless animals like him.

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