Homeless Cat Found Crying Out In Pain Has Recovered, Thanks To You

Do you remember Caramel’s heartbreaking story?

He lost an eye during his time as a stray cat on the streets of Greece, which didn’t properly heal. He was found next to a building crying out in pain.

Photo: Let’s be S.M.A.R.T.

A good Samaritan rushed him to Let’s be S.M.A.R.T. where he was started on pain meds and a plea for help was put out by the rescue.

Thanks to your generous donations, Caramel received the care he needed to heal and is no longer in pain. His health has been restored and he is now a “purring machine”.

Caramel has also found his person. The sweet fella won the heart of a volunteer who welcomed him into her home with open arms. He shares his new home with another adopted cat and is living his best life.

The rescue wrote, “Caramel is an adorable kitty who came to our shelter a few months back after being rescued from the streets due to his bleeding eye! He has been struggling a bit with his health dealing with a few different issues over the time, but from now on everything will be different for him!! After adopting another cat from ours, Brigitta, a lovely volunteer who came to our shelter in February sent in an application for our honey bunny Caramel! She fell in love with him from the first time they met so it only seems right he becomes her forever baby! Our hearts are full of gratitude as we know Caramel will live the best life!!”

He sends soft purrs for your support. Caramel is just one of millions of cats that roam the streets of Greece looking for food and shelter.

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, Greater Good Charities and the Animal Rescue Site are in the process of deepening our commitment to the pets of Xanthi, Greece, ensuring every animal has the support it needs. We are also expanding our reach to several new areas within Greece, supporting both cats and dogs in need.

In late 2023, Greater Good Charities was approached by groups working in the city of Xanthi, Northern Greece, to assist in the support of over 600 animals seeking out an existence in and around a municipal rubbish site. Since then, working alongside the Animal Rescue Site and community partners, they have provided food, specialist medical care, funded high quality spay-neuter services and supported foster and adoption for dozens of pets.

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